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Kurt Metzger's Christmas music fills you with warm images of seasons past, like every good Christmas CD should. When he plays the piano, he does just enough to make familiar songs sound new, while remaining true to the classic Christmas carols you love to hear.

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“The Warmest Christmas” Concert

Annual Christmas Concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Warmest Christmas concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Warmest Christmas concerts feature pianist and composer Kurt Metzger. Guest musicians include a soprano, tenor, violins, cello, oboe, and boys' choir.

Popular venues include Landmark Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the Theodore Wirth Park Chalet in Minneapolis, Minnesota.




"Warmest Christmas" Article

Read more about The Warmest Christmas concerts in a feature article published in the Plymouth Magazine last year.


Christmas Concert Video

(This video is from the 2008 Christmas concert.)

“The Warmest Christmas was truly the highlight of our family's holiday season!” - Alison D.

“This was a concert NOT TO MISS.”-Marla K.

“If you are looking for a great holiday event with family and friends, The Warmest Christmas is a MUST SEE!” - Yan and Carla L.